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I was 8 years old and it was the first time I was traveling by plane. My family decided to spend a Christmas in the Canary Islands and we spent a week in the south of Tenerife. Spending Christmas day at 25 degrees bathing on the beach without a doubt influenced the idea of ​​paradise that I have always had in mind when referring to the fortunate islands. continue reading

Granada tourist guide

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Having a travel blog, being from Granada and not having any entry on my wonderful city is unforgivable, so here are some tips for places to visit, restaurants to eat and tips that will be useful during your stay.

If you are looking for accommodation in this city, take a look at the family tourist apartments and contact me without problem to check availability and prices. continue reading

Granada surroundings

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I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Granada and Andalusia, but for me Granada has much more to visit besides the Alhambra and the city. We are lucky to have in the same province culture, beach and mountain. I could make an endless list of places and beautiful villages to admire, but since you come for tourism, and not to live, I will mention the essentials. So if you are so lucky to have more than a couple of days to enjoy this magnificent city, here are other places that deserve a visit: continue reading

Weekend getaway in Salamanca

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We had been in Madrid for 5 years and we had not yet been to visit that city that was so striking and a couple of hours away by car – Salamanca. People insisted that we were going to like it because it had a charm similar to that of Granada (because of being a city with a great university life and having the good habit of tapas) and they were right, it did not disappoint and besides, we loved it. continue reading

Welcome to Gran Canaria

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English soon, meanwhile…

Gran Canaria es una de las siete islas que conforman el archipiélago canario. La tercera en extensión y altitud. Tiene poco más de 800.000 habitantes, una superficie aproximada de 1500 km2 y una altitud máxima de 1956m en el pico de las nieves.

No caigáis en el error que comete todo el mundo cuando dice voy a la isla de Las Palmas…NOOOO! Existe la isla de La Palma y la isla de Gran Canaria (cuya capital es Las Palmas, por eso os suenan Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), pero la isla de Las Palmas no existe. continue reading

¿Paraíso? Formentera

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If you are asked to close your eyes and think about the paradise, surely in your mind the image of some of the beaches of Formentera appears. This small island belonging to the Balearic group has all the charm of its neighbor pitiusa but without that party tourism that little by little is killing the charm of Ibiza. It is true that more and more, Formentera is saturated in high season, until losing that enchantment that fascinated me more than 10 years ago, when I was fortunate to meet her for the first time. However, for me it remains a relaxing and heavenly destination, although I always try to avoid going between the months of June to September. continue reading

Una semana para descubrir La Gomera

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English coming soon…meanwhile:

27 Diciembre 2015 – 3 enero 2016


La Gomera es una de las 7 islas que conforman el paraíso canario. Sus temperaturas son suaves y agradables todo el año aunque en la zona del Parque de Garajonay, que es la más alta, suele ser habitual encontrarse bancos de niebla y lluvia. El encanto de esta isla es que aún no está tan masificada como sus vecinas (aunque cada vez hay más turismo). continue reading