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Leonor Moreno
Leonor Moreno

Leonor Moreno-

I was born in Granada, Spain, although I’ve lived out several years: Cádiz, Karlstad (SE), Blois (FR) and Madrid. My first university studies were in tourism, and I already could see from the beginning where I was pointing. I take advantage of living in the capital to catch offers and escape whenever I can.

I knew my passion that year that I decided to venture into a foreign country accompanied by an Erasmus scholarship. That year I was able to open my eyes and my mind and discover that the passion of my life is to travel, explore new cultures, meet people and see that the world is much bigger than we think and that each and every one of us part of him.

With this blog I intend to share my experiences and knowledge with all of you who have always consulted me before making any trip and you have always encouraged me to publish it. Enjoy it!


MERAKI -“μεράκι”

Meraki is a word of Greek origin that means to do something with creativity and love, putting the soul in it, so that what is obtained is something unique. It is from the few words that have no literal translation in any other language.

If you travel with meraki, it means that you do it in the best possible way, putting everything on it: passion, creativity, soul and love.


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