Guía turística de la ciudad de Granada

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The Alhambra and the Generalife do not need much recommendation. Just to remind you that in the woods outside the monumental site you will find one of the most beautiful places in the city and the freshest of the city in summer.

The historical monuments of the city, churches, cathedral, monasteries, etc..obviously you will have described in the guidebooks.


Also nearby of the apartment you will see the hotel Alhambra. It is a private emblematic particular construction that can be visited inside, have a coffee or a beer and watch the excellent views from its terrace.

Leaving the hotel on your left, you can walk down a beautiful road (calle niño del Royo) passing through a place called Puerta del Sol that hardly anyone knows and is very special.

The whole neighborhood was occupied by the Jewish community in the Middle Ages.



This neighborhood is not well known by tourists, but is very attractive. This neighborhood is located just below the Torre de la Vela of the Alhambra, is accessed by an alley just off the tourist office in Plaza Nueva. It has a nice view on the bottom of the Albaicin, but it is only residential. You won´t find any shops or bars.


Albaicin worth several visits. Always walking (at least coming down).

1st) One of them is up to the Mirador de San Miguel Alto,

where you can see, in my opinion, the most beautiful view of Granada, the Alhambra, the river Darro and the Albaicin.

From there, walk down to the Sacromonte, or by Fajalauza and Lane San Luis, or directly by the stairs to cross of the Rauda, and from there continue on the sidewalk in the middle (there’s a bar with a beautiful view) to

reach the Barranco de los Negros where you will see the interpretation center of the Sacromonte.

In any case once in Sacromonte you can drink in the restaurant Juanito or, in the cave bar Los faroles.

In this area you are going to know the famous caves where they dance zambras.

Towards Granada and the Alhambra on your left will have a nice view of the monument and the river Darro.

From here you will come without any problem to Paseo Padre Manjón, (known as Paseo de los Tristes) which is an area for tapas. It is very nice, although it is specialized in tourist bars.

From here continue along the Carrera del Darro, which someone said is” the most beautiful hundred meters worldwide”. It is probably an exaggeration, perhaps, but the truth is that the walk worth it.

If you traverse towards Plaza Nueva the second bridge also are going to find an unfrequented street where you have El Hamman, Arab baths, where they offer arab baths and massages.


2nd) Mirador de San Nicolas

I advise you go walking from Plaza Nueva, along the streets Aire, +Beso + Rosal,+ Aljibe Trillo, + plaza Comino, Cuesta de las Cabras, until Mirador de San Nicolas.

The best view of the Alhambra is the sunset.

The most famous viewpoints in Granada are San Nicolas and San Cristobal

The St. Nicholas is close to the other and is the most spectacular and touristic . Near the Mirador de San Nicolás you will find many terraces for dining and tapas bar.

On the streets connecting the two viewpoints you will will see the Arco de las Pesas, (Puerta Nueva) old entry to the Albaicin, the Plaza Larga, and Agua Street. And the Plaza Aliatar. In this area you will find many bars good to eat tapas.

Down to the center from the Albaicin I will suggest you to do it by the Plaza San Miguel Bajo, visiting the palace of Dar al Horra (mother of Boabdil), overlooking the Casa de la Lona (the house where the Columbus’ 3 caravels canvases were made) , con tinue down Cruz de Quiros Cuesta Marañas, Calderería and Plaza Nueva.


3rd) Other courses: the Albaicin is like a city within the city, each street, every corner has a special charm. Any tour that is caught by descending from the Mirador de San Nicolas to the Carrera del Darro (below the Alhambra) is wonderful and attractive.



The house Carmen of the Martyrs with its romantic gardens of the nineteenth century is situated just to the right of the Alhambra. There are excellent views of the city of Granada and Sierra Nevada. The quiet gardens contain a number of statues, grottoes, and a lake with its romantic tower and bridge and ducks and black swans. This is the perfect place to stroll, to relax a Little.


It is the direct waydown from the entrance of the Alhambra to the Paseo de los Tristes. It is also the way to the cemetery. That´s the reason of its name (tristes =sadmen)



It is a garden area on the right bank of the River Genil, with two pedestrian very nice boulevards, quiet on one side and lively on the other other with bustling terraces. Highlights include the kiosk or pavilion for music, fountains and the steam engine. It is here the city library. It is strongly recommended to take a drink at the popular Kiosk Las Titas.



It is the newest and most modern city. Is southward, following the course of the river Genil.

Here is the Parque de las Ciencias. It is a quite interesting interactive museum, for children and young people and also for adults. Very recommended the “Butterfly pavillion” and other disseminating rooms plus daily demonstrations with birds of prey.

Next door is the Museum of Historical Memory of Andalusia in a building that has won several architectural awards. I prefer the building that the contents of the museum, too much specific and simple at the same time in the history of Andalusia.

In this area you will also find the Bar-Restaurant Building Forum. It is a cafeteria located on the top floor and rotates slowly with 360 º views over the city, the mountains, the plains and the ring. It is especially interesting in days not cloudy. Prices are moderate.

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